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10 VERY Important Tips To Help You Excel Above Others When Selling Your Home.  See the results and capatilize on your home worth especially when looking for a Free Home Evaluation or “How much is my House Worth” 

Pricing is Right: Selling Your Home

A lot of people plunge into the market and list their home on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without doing proper comparative market analysis.  It is extremely important that sellers and their real estate agents take the time to do proper research.  This research consists of market trends, current market data, neighbourhood demographic statistics, and most recent sales in your immediate sale neighbourhood.  Home owners need to assess all information and find what a buyer is willing to pay for the house in an open market.  This value is not always what you paid for or what your neighbour sold their property for – but what a buyer is willing to pay for.  If pricing on the home is not correct and considerably over valued – chances are the home will sit on market and help other listings sell.  An experience agent that is able to gather this information, interrupt it, and provide sound advice is the key.

Real Estate Agent -Selling your Home

Get the right person to sell your home.  Experience and knowledge count.  Take the time to know your real estate agent, ask them questions, and make sure they are able to explain things to you clearly.  Work with a real estate agent that has the ability to adapt to change.  Technology is playing a big role in our day to day life – make sure your home is being marketed EVERY WHERE.  A real estate agent should be able to listen to what you want and give you the perfect advice.  They should be there with you every step of the way and help make this buying and selling process hassle free for you and your family.  Lot of Agents provide a Free Home Evaluation – take advantage of it but when sure they are using the right resources when determining “how much is my house worth.”


Buyers look at everything in a home and storage/closet spaces are just as important as any other space within the home.  If you closets are COMPLETELY full like mine – take out half of the items and space out your clothes and organize it.  This helps makes the space look clean and big and allows buyers into envision their own belongings.  “How much is my House Worth” can be a little subjective at times – these little things play tricks on the eyes – so play the game and help increase this subjective value.


Lighting is everything in a home – light sets our mood, it makes us feel a certain way – Imagine a gloomy day vs a bright sunny day.  When getting your home to sell take the time to make sure you have working bulbs, change the wattage, maybe look into getting day light bulbs.  Open up those curtains and let the natural light shine through the home and even take down some of the drapes.  Most importantly make you clean your windows! Most importantly make you clean your windows! When selling your home and looking for a realtor to determine “what is my house worth” make sure you take advantage of their expert advice.


HIDE THEM!!! Not everyone has a warm heart for cuddly animals and allergy issues also get in the way.  The last thing you want is buyers seeing kitty litter boxes at the entrance, pet hair stuck on clothes and furniture – this gives an impression that your home is not clean.  Take everything to the basement put it to the side in a storage area or the utility room.  This also makes a good opportunity to take your pet for a nice walk outside when selling your home.

Easy on the Upgrades:

Keep it simple – quick fixes just before selling your home always pay off.  Avoid expensive makeovers as there is a good chance you will not get your money back.  Focus on upgrades that provide the highest return and helps your home stand out without reaching deep into your pockets.  Focus on simple things such as paint, replace worn out door handles, and fix leaking faucets.  Sometimes the simple fixes
help with the free home evaluation.


Some of us really share our story through pictures, art, and other personal items around the home.  However, the more personal stuff you have in your house, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living here.  In addition to cleaning out your closets – take out much items through out the home and rent a storage bin or neatly organize it in the garage.  Believe me – Less is more!  Keeping it simple allows spaces to look bright, big, and allows buyers to feel at home.  Consider hiring a home stager – it always pays off. When selling your home – remember price can be a bit subjective – so work towards catering to the masses and
increase the demand.


In almost every home – I have seen the buyer spend most of their time in the kitchen – it is almost as if everything evolves around the kitchen.  Basically you are selling your kitchen and not your house – it is that important!  Kitchen renovations have amongst the highest returns on investment – a good chance to get back everything you have invested into it.  Some of the best inexpensive upgrades include new cabinet handles, neutral colour paint, and a nice canvas or two.  In terms of the appliance there seems to be a general consensus that buyers do prefer stainless steel – it makes the kitchen look really expensive and classy.  Kitchens play a big factor in selling your home.

Always be prepared to show:

Selling your home and not ready to show? or selling your home only allowing buyers a limited window opportunity? These only create hurdles!  Most buyers spend their afternoons and weekends to see homes – be prepared physically, and mentally and plan your schedule accordingly.  Take advantage of such situations – take the family out to the beach or park for the day and in winter perfect time for skiing or snow tubing.  When a showing is scheduled – make sure those dirty dishes are not left in the sink, keep the dishwasher clean, and find those bust bunnies in the corners and clean them.

First Impressions:

First impressions is lasting impression.  When you are selling you home – typically a buyer has made their decision the moment they have stepped into the home.  You need to WOW them from the start – so when they leave that is all they talk about.  The outside of the home is just as important as the inside.

I hope these tips help you and your family.  Selling your home in London, Ontario is not a cookie cutter.  Every home is unique, every home has its own story.  Byron is different than Westmount and Masonville.  Know you buyer!!!

Thinking of Selling your home? Call your realtor Yasir Khan today and get a Free Home Evaluation!

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