Best Neighborhoods In Brantford Ontario


If you’re moving to Brantford, Ontario, the thought of “what neighborhood is better for me?” must have already entered your mind. What you’re looking for in a neighborhood will determine the answer. Do you want proximity to the highway? Are you hunting for a family-friendly neighborhood? What about the age, design, and size of the home? These are all the questions that can determine what is the best neighborhood for you and a realtor can help you out in finding the perfect neighborhood for you. The best Brantford neighborhoods can be decided by a variety of variables, and we’ve assembled a list of recommendations based on a few primary ones.


The Holmedale/Lansdowne area is probably one of Brantford’s most charming neighborhoods, thanks to the Grand River, plenty of trees, and beautiful roads.

Holmedale area offers the Grand River’s twisting pathways as well as several beautiful parks. The SC Johnson Trail, Waterworks Park, and the Rotary bike park with walking paths and a BMX section are among the highlights. Some homes do have views of the Grand River or the trees – if you are looking for scenic views right from your home.

Though the streets are peaceful and suburban, Holmedale is close to amenities, with shops and restaurants along King George Road and Brant Avenue to the north and east. To the north, the 403 is also less than 10 minutes away. To its advantage, Holmedale has among the city’s finest schools, making it a genuinely popular community.


Henderson is situated just north of Holmedale, which is renowned for its natural beauty. Henderson is on this list because of the variety of school choices available as well as the high standard. École Confédération is an excellent French Immersion primary school in Henderson’s far north.

Terrace Hill

Older homes can be a problem for busy people but a blank canvas for dream-home renovators. The Terrace Hill neighborhood of Brantford has a huge selection for all kinds of buyers. You can find this peaceful neighborhood just south of 403 Highway. There are several houses with magnificent vintage constructions that are peaceful and provide you scenic views of the green trees. Though many vintage homes on the street have already had their interiors updated, there are still some left that you can renovate according to your choice. New construction home buying can be pretty costly too so that gives you an upper hand when you buy an old home and renovate it according to your style.

403 Highway

403 Highway would be the most critical attribute of your travel. From Woodstock to the west and Hamilton to the east, it passes through Brantford. Many Brantford residents live on the northern edge of the city, in the suburbs north of the 403, to reduce commuting time. Mayfair, Fairview, Greenbrier, Brier Park, and Branlyn are among these neighborhoods. Greenbrier and Brier Park offer the finest overall comfort that you look forward to in a peaceful neighborhood.

Greenbrier is a suburb in Brantford’s northernmost area. It is situated on King George Road’s immediate east. Greenbrier is a wonderful choice not just for traveling but also for daily fun! Along King George Road, there are a number of shops, particularly in the Brantford Commons shopping area in the northeast corner of the neighborhood. Greenbrier residents can conveniently communicate with the 403 to the south.

Brier Park, located east of Greenbrier, is home to a number of beautiful and peaceful suburban streets. There are several detached housing choices in the area, in a variety of variations. Brier Park residents have easy access to several city parks and schools, as well as being right next to the Wayne Gretzky Parkway, which connects to 403 Highway.

The aforementioned neighborhoods can be a pretty good option for you. If you are looking for condos for sale, you can contact Real Town for more information.

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