London Ontario Real Estate

London Ontario Real Estate – Bidding War

What if you find a condo in the London Ontario Real Estate market that you adore, but it is also adored by someone else? It happens more frequently than you might think. In fact, there are more buyers than suitable condos in many urban areas, particularly in the London Ontario Real Estate market. That's great for sellers, but not so much for you – especially if this is your first condo purchase. If...

London Real Estate

London Real Estate – Saving Tips

Looking into London Real Estate but you are limited on Budget? Key to a deposit is budgeting and planning.  Without budgeting and planning you have no control over your expenses. Want to know how to save money this year? A good first step to build your savings account is to lower your cost of living. Whether your savings goals include a down payment on a home, an emergency fund, you want to save for...

MLS London

MLS London – Agency Relationships

When searching MLS London Ontario homes it is important to understand Agency Relationships. As a potential MLS London home buyer or seller you should understand the type of representation you are given and how the agency will deal with potential conflicts. MLS London - Sole Agency When one brokerage, its broker, associate brokers, and associates (the Seller's Agent) represents the seller in a real...

MLS London Ontario

MLS London Ontario – Know Your Agent

A Good Agent Will Focus on Educating vs. Selling It's no secret that agents in MLS London Ontario are committed to selling to their clients, but a good agent won't stop there. They will also educate you on the entire process so you know what to expect and how to handle any situations that may arise once the buying or selling process begins. The agent, like you, wants to make sure you make an informed...

MLS London

MLS London Fiduciary Responsibilities to YOU!

When referring to brokers/salespeople representing them in an MLS London real estate transaction, buyer or seller clients frequently use the term agent. Many media articles use the term to describe the same client-REALTOR® relationship. However, the term is misleading in this context. The brokerage is the agent in a real estate MLS London transaction. Agent, as well as related terms like agency and...

London ON real estate

Investment WIN – London ON real estate

London ON Real Estate can vary greatly depending on the neighbourhood you're interested in. As a real estate investor, each market offers different benefits and challenges, from expensive neighbourhoods like North London to affordable markets like East London; therefore, it is critical to understand London ON Real Estate clearly. Interest rates are at their lowest point in history, following a series of...

Houses For Sale London Ontario

Houses For Sale London Ontario Checklist

Use this checklist to get your ducks in a row now that you've decided to look for houses for sale London Ontario in the new year. Before you start looking for a house, now is the time to get a handle on everything you'll need. Houses For Sale London Ontario – Checklist High Credit Score From your first credit card to your most recent student loan, you've been building a credit history — and thus a...

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Houses For Sale – Ontario Market

The Canadian housing market outlook for 2021 began and ended strongly, and 2022 appears to follow suit. Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, continues to attract homebuyers, and searches for houses for sale are at an all-time high. It can be difficult for buyers looking to buy a home in Ontario to decide where to settle down. Home prices differ across the province, and external factors can...

Homes For Sale London Ontario

Homes For Sale London Ontario – Pool

When looking for homes for sale London Ontario with a pool, it is obvious that you want a great recreational opportunity during the summer months. There are plenty of reasons why buying a property with a pool may seem like a no-brainer, including the ability to host neighbourhood pool parties, the convenience of cooling off when the temperature rises, and having a solid excuse to buy cute,...

MLS Listings

Buying a Home: MLS Listings

The prospect of purchasing your first house might be thrilling, especially since your monthly income will no longer be lost to rent. Searching MLS listings, on the other hand, necessitates focus, dedication, and a willingness to learn what's required to complete the buying process. With these skills and a desire to be a responsible homeowner, you'll be well on your way to a far more pleasant real estate...

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