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Why do we Need a Property Survey?

Purchasing a property is traditionally the safest purchase we make in our lives. The procedure can be intimidating and difficult to comprehend. You may become consumed by the obstacles that must be conquered before moving into your new home. When it comes to London, Ontario, before everything else, make sure your surveyor is certified and thoroughly from London real estate listings. The terminology...

How to Value Your Home and Find Out What Your House is Worth

If you own a house for sale in London, Ontario and are willing to find your home’s worth, this guide is for you. As a homeowner hoping to make the best arrangement on a deal, you're probably thinking about how to value a home’s monetary value. Utilizing a domain specialist to esteem a property is the customary strategy and it has its benefits, however, in many locations, a free valuation at your...

What is my home worth

6 Tips for Buying a House in a Seller’s Market

“What is my home worth?” It's uncommon to hear anybody portray the home purchasing measure as simple and peaceful. It's the biggest reason purchase that the vast majority will make and therefore, the process should be carried out meticulously. In any case, it's a considerably extreme experience when you're a purchaser in a seasonally difficult market. There are special difficulties when you're...

January 2021 Market Update

Local Housing Market Shatters New Records The London and St. Thomas resale housing market started the year by shattering new records. 547 homes exchanged hands last month in our area, the highest number of home sales for the month of January since the Association began tracking data in 1978.  "2021 came in like a lion for the LSTAR housing market, which continues to see very low inventories...

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