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Selling Condos:

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Condo demand in major Ontario cities have gone up considerably in the last couple years.  Buyers are regularly searching Condo for sale. What once used to be an alternative for the retirees is now an attractive alternative for the working class that are looking to own property without the hassle of outside maintenance. 

One of the best features to emphasize when selling a condo is the lifestyle of ease that comes with condominium ownership.  Many buyers are looking for the hassle-free living experience that they can’t find with a single-family detached house. They’re free to lock the door and go on a trip without worrying about their property.  This is what makes Condo living unique and different than Freehold.

In Ontario, more home buyers than ever are considering condominiums as an alternative to freehold home ownership.  In addition to personal choices it has also become an increasingly attractive investment option for many Canadians.  A Condominium offers an opportunity to invest in real estate with limited landlord day to day commitment.  Demand for London Condos on sale for example have also gone up due to cost of living and property values – Condos offer a cheaper alternative than detached homes.

Such scenarios make for perfect market conditions when considering selling your condo.  Lets discuss your situation and get the maximum for your Condo!


Already a Condo owner and familiar with Condos?  Then you are ready to start your search for Condos for sale.  If you require assistance in your search contact me today  – I would be happy to guide you.

If you are new buyer or looking into a Condos for sale for investment purposes – a Condo might be a good start towards your ownership journey.  So, you’ve decided that condo ownership sounds right for you – great! But it can be hard to know where to start, particularly for first-time buyers. Before we discuss new and resale Condos for sale in more detail, here are some general information.

What is a condo?

The word “condo” means many different things to different people. When some people hear the word “condo,” they immediately think of high-rise buildings dotting the skyline. While high-rise condos are certainly common, condos can come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Low-rise buildings
  • Townhouse complexes / semi-detached homes
  • Fully detached homes
  • Mixed residential and commercial buildings
  • Commercial lots or malls

In fact, the word “condo” refers to a specific type of property ownership rather than a specific type of building. Almost any type of property you can imagine can be a condo

If you’re thinking of buying a resale condo, you should do your research on the unit and condominium corporation before you make any decisions. You can access key information on any condominium corporation in the province through the CAO’s Public Registry. For more in-depth information about the unit and condo corporation, you should consider requesting a status certificate.  A status certificate provides essential information about the condo corporation by-laws, governance, board of directors, current condo budget, reserve fund, meeting minutes, any anticipated special assessments, and liens and law suits.  A status certificate generally costs about $100 and can take up to 10 business days to be delivered – therefore it is important that you can fast.

You can read some of my important blogs on Condos or call me to learn more about Condos for sale.

Condos for Sale London Ontario

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Benefits of a Condo

We understand the importance of living in a condo. Condos provide a safe and secure method of living, which is available at an affordable price. These properties offer families the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of satisfactory living, which is available at a low budget.

Condos for sale in London, Ontario can be your chance to live an extravagant life. The experienced teams at Real Town offer you the best options in London’s condos for sale. We strive to work with your given budget and location requirements, making sure we find the perfect condo for you and your family.

Our Services Include

Use the MLS (multiple listing services), where you can easily find all the condos available in the neighbourhood of your liking.

It can be a hectic task for you if you are buying your house for the first time – we would be delighted to listen and help you out with your requirements. We will filter listings and help you to find the perfect condo in London, Ontario. Call us today!

Condos for Sale

Why is a condo the perfect option to live?

The independence from doing all the extra maintenance work is one of the many perks of living in a condominium. Condos are perfect for the working class families and seniors as it offers managed services of the exterior property – all commons areas are maintained through the condo corporation.

Your month-to-month condominium maintenance covers all maintenance work highlighted in your corporation declaration and by-laws. Yasir Khan at RE/MAX will provide full expert assistance to find you the best. Let Condo buying be fun and relaxing!  Call today to find “Condos for sale near me”!