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When looking for homes for sale London Ontario with a pool, it is obvious that you want a great recreational opportunity during the summer months. There are plenty of reasons why buying a property with a pool may seem like a no-brainer, including the ability to host neighbourhood pool parties, the convenience of cooling off when the temperature rises, and having a solid excuse to buy cute, doughnut-shaped air mattresses. However, despite all of the benefits, consider the drawbacks before making a pool purchase when searching homes for sale London Ontario.


If you've fallen in love with homes for sale London Ontario that have a pool, schedule a full inspection with a certified pool company. The water lines should be free of leaks, the pump pressure should be checked, and the heater should be in excellent working order. The equipment, such as the cover and safety fencing, must also be inspected. As pools age, problems begin to emerge, so ask the sellers for installation dates and any repairs that have been performed over the years. When looking for homes for sale London Ontario, make sure to seek professional advice.

Search and Employ

Knowledge is essential when it comes to pools. Find out what the municipal bylaws are regarding private pools; there may be restrictions that must be considered. Before looking for homes for sale London Ontario, inquire with a reputable pool company about maintenance and annual repair costs. Consider who will clean and treat the water. It's also a good idea to look at recent in-the-neighborhood sales of properties with and without pools to see if their time and money investments paid off when it came time to resell.

High Flyer

Cannonball competitions are a lot of fun, but they won't pay for the pool's heating bill or yearly maintenance. Before finalizing homes for sale London Ontario, get an idea of what the sellers spend so you have a clear picture of your financial commitments. Also, include a condition in the offer that requires a full pool inspection to protect yourself from unexpected water-related costs.

Time Management

Aside from the financial commitment, consider how much time you can realistically devote to cleaning, treating, covering, uncovering, draining, scraping, and scrubbing the pool. Will you have time to enjoy the pool if you take long yearly vacations or go up to cottage country every weekend? Examine your life to see if there is room to make the most of your backyard investment.

Safety First

A backyard pool can be a fun, family-friendly focal point, but only if you feel safe having it. Pool fencing and locking gates are essential for keeping children — and pets — out of deep water. Getting liability insurance is also something to think about, especially if you plan on hosting summer pool parties or letting friends use the pool while you're away. When looking for homes for sale London Ontario, a realtor will provide you with the best options.

Value Added To Homes for Sale London Ontario

Take a look around you to see if a pool will increase or decrease the resale value of your home. Is it in a good neighbourhood? Is there a lot of light in there? Examine the surrounding properties to see if there are a lot of pools; not having one could affect future pricing because it's an expected asset. However, if the house is perfect but a pool is still not for you, don't be discouraged — there are cost-effective ways to fill it in.

Weather the Storms

You fantasize about having an outdoor pool — evening dips with daiquiris, kids splashing around, and morning workouts — but do you live in a region of Canada where it makes sense? You need to use a pool for six months to make it cost effective, so be realistic about the climate or your investment will be buried under three feet of snow for half the year.

With all of the disadvantages neatly listed for your consideration, all that remains is for you to decide what is best for your family. Sure, there are costs involved, but no one can deny that having a backyard pool is a lot of fun for a family and can be a great way to create backyard memories.

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