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homes for sale near me

Do you live in London and have near searching for homes for sale near me?  You most likely like your neighbourhood and have been looking for something close to where you live.  It is common for people to look for homes in their own neighbourhood.  Usually people have grown up in the area and experiences they wish to not let go.

People get accustomed to their neighbourhood over time – where an outsider might be flaws, but to you it has all the reasons to stay forever.  People build relationships in their neighbourhoods, the neighbours become friends and they become a source of happiness.  Sometimes it is the park, the school zone that plays an important factor when searching homes for sale near me.  Kids growing up an at times find difficulty leaving relationships and making new friends.

Sometimes you have to move due to circumstance and you do not wish to give up on what is fundamental to you and your family.  Let us explore some neighbourhoods that might help you feel at home.

Homes for sale near me – North West London


Oakridge is an established community where people have developed close knit relationships with each other over time.  Oakridge has prestige and this is not going anywhere anytime soon.  When searching homes for sale near me be sure to look at Oakridge.  Older homes with large treed lots offering peace and tranquility.  Oakridge Secondary School is a reputable school with vast history of success in academics, arts, and sports – consistently ranked amongst the best schools in London and area.  Oakridge residents are established professionals and high levels of home ownership in the area.  Expect to find a number of bungalows, backsplits, and sidesplits in the area.  Riverside Public school is likely where most of the Oakridge kids had gone to school during the public days.


Masonville is another well established area in North end of London. Masonville is known for its shopping centres, Western University, Student residents, and University hospital. Masonville has pocket of high end luxury homes hidden in the forested area of Medway Valley Heritage forest area, Sunningdale, and around Sunningdale area. Masonville sits right on highway 4 that heads towards Lucan, Exetor, and other townships – a number of that residence in these townships work in the city of London.

Hyde Park:

If you are looking a mix of newer and older neighbourhoods when searching homes for sale near me – Hyde Park might be your go to destination.  Hyde Park has established neighbourhoods in the areas of White Hills,  and Hyde Park itself.  But you can be sure to find lot of new development in the area.  New both high rise and Townhouse condos are consistently being developed for the rapidly growing population.  Around Foxhollow you are sure to find new home construction projects and tons of established and reputable builders in the area.  Houses demand in this area of London is the highest.  The average home price is considerably higher than the rest of London.


Riverbend is a growing community with tons of new commercial developments as well.  Riverbend is basically a new subdivision on the outskirts of London that has been developing rapidly.  This rapid development has put a need on commercial demands.  Riverbend is perfect for those looking for new homes and starting a new lifestyle.  It is a growing community of young families, and new families moving from Toronto and rest of Ontario.  Riverbend has a nice mix of homes – Townhome condos, single family homes, and luxury homes – this helps ease your homes for sale near me search.  If you want extra safety assurance – this might be a good place to search for a home – close gated community can also be found in this area.

Search homes for sale near me – your dream home is clicks away, or contact us directly and let us help you out.

More on London and Homes For Sales Near Me

London Cool Down – Homes for Sale near me

In June of this year, the frenzied housing market began to calm down. This was seen by many analysts as a symptom of buyer weariness. The home market had an increased interest from buyers in the beginning of the year as individuals tried to get their lives back to normal after a year of conflicting messages, the constant lockdowns, and a touch of fear mongering. However, as a result of the competitive market and higher-than-expected pricing, individuals began to lose interest. The primary issue is that, despite the fact that sales are still down year over year and even month over month in July and August, the market is still performing above normal this summer- making homes for sale near me still a hot item.

Low Inventory – Homes for Sale near me

Next, and most importantly, the inventory shortage will worsen. Why? Because there is a backlog of people looking for a new life in Canada, London real estate market will soon witness an influx of purchasers and searching for homes for sale near me going up considerably. As a result, the pressures on home prices that we are seeing today will become even more stretched as we welcome new Canadians into the fold. We’ll also see an influx of students returning to London, placing further strain on housing in general. If you have the courage to shake off your buyer weariness, you may be able to get in on the market before these population increases make it more difficult to buy a house in London and St Thomas area.

Interest Rates – Homes for Sale near me

Let’s not forget that interest rates are now at historic lows. The current interest rates may not last much longer. Low interest rates are one of the factors that might make house ownership feasible, despite high costs. It will be more difficult to qualify for a mortgage once interest rates begin to rise again. Remember that the federal government changed the mortgage stress test so that you must now qualify for the contractual rate plus 2% or 5.25 percent, whichever is greater. So you don’t want to wait too long and discover that you’ve accidentally excluded yourself from obtaining a mortgage. If you can get over your weariness, you’ll be able to take advantage of reduced interest rates, cut your monthly mortgage payments, and be more likely to qualify for a mortgage, even with the new stress test.

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