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The Township of Lucan has seen significant changes in the area of houses for sale in Lucan.  Once a small township just North of London has seen a growing trend of people moving looking for cheaper housing alternatives.  The drive to London is just merely 15 minutes and the saving on houses is significant.  This primarily the reason for the growth in search in houses for sale in Lucan.

Growth of new development has taken over Lucan Biddulph area by storm.  Once a perfect escape to rural area is transforming fast.  Numerous new neighbourhoods have taken roots in Lucan especially during 2019-2021 seller housing market.  People look to sell high in the metropolitan areas and by bigger homes, and bigger properties for considerably lower prices.  If you looking for houses for sale in Lucan search our MLS system today or contact us for new construction project.

Lucan is centrally located just North of London, half an hour to Grand Bend, Stratford, and about 2 hours from Toronto.  A high percentage of Lucan residents travel to London for work related and higher education purposes.

Lucan Biddulph became a township on January 1, 1999 by merging Lucan with Biddulph Township.  In the 2016 Census, the township had a population of 4,700 people, which was 8.3% higher than in 2011.

Lucan Biddulph is an agricultural town with excellent grounds utilized for agriculture cultivation and animal rearing. The agriculture industry employs a large number of the township’s people. Lucan, Granton, Mooresville, Clandeboye, Elginfield, Whalen Corners, and Prospect Hill are all part of the township. The administrative offices of the municipality are located in Lucan.

The early history of Lucan Biddulph includes a substantial Aboriginal presence, which has been chronicled and is on display in the London Indian Museum. The first immigrant settlers were Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine, including the Donnelly family, who are widely known for their adventures. Marystown was founded by these and other immigrants, notably a sizable English contingent.

Lucan is also the location of the old hamlet of Wilberforce, which was a Slave Settlement well-known for being a stop on the Underground Railroad. In 1829, the region became a safe haven for a group of free African Americans from Cincinnati, Ohio, who had been endangered by riots and job discrimination in their city. The Canada Company gave sanctuary and property to a group of about 200 Black Americans, who established the Wilberforce colony.

The name of the community was afterwards changed to Lucan. Our Museum captures this rich legacy by displaying tales and items from these and other historically significant events such as local sports, horse racing, news, and genealogy.

Our neighbourhood is lucky to have a first-rate leisure centre that comprises an arena, gymnasium, hall, track, sports grounds, and an outdoor pool. There are also three parks, an 18-hole golf course, many churches, and a variety of good dining options. If you’re searching for artwork, crafts, or antiques, this is also a great place to shop.

Search Houses for Sale in Lucan or call us to help find the next dream home for you and your family.

The area of Lucan is located at the heart of the snow belt.  The winters are cold and with lot of participation.  During the 2010 winter Lucan witnessed almost two meters of snow over the course of 4 days.

Lucan has seen its share of negative news.  The Black Donnellys, an immigrant Irish family caught up in a long-running local rivalry, were brutally massacred in Lucan. These occurrences have been written about several times and have been ingrained in the criminal history of rural Ontario; they are widely known in Canada and neighbouring parts of the United States. Five family members were murdered in two separate incidents northwest of London. This crime is regarded as one of the most heinous in Canadian history.

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