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Driving from Toronto to London make sure to stop and search out houses for sale Woodstock.  Woodstock a city about 30 minutes east of London makes great trucking stop and rest area for people traveling between Toronto and United States.

Woodstock is a Southwestern Ontario city with a population of almost 41,000 according to a 2016 Canadian Census.

Woodstock was founded in 1800 by European colonists and United Empire Loyalists, led by Zacharias Burtch and Levi Luddington, and established as a town in 1851. Woodstock has grown steadily since then, and it is currently a sizable city in Southwestern Ontario.

Woodstock, being a tiny historic city, is one of the few in Ontario to retain all of its old government buildings. The city’s economy has shifted heavily toward industry and tourism. It is also a market city for the agricultural sector in the surrounding area. Being a major hub between Toronto and London and located right on Highway 401, houses of sale Woodstock has seen a major boom.

The city is home to a multitude of cultural and artistic displays, including the Woodstock Museum, which is designated as a national historic site. Woodstock’s summer festivals add to the city’s tourism sector; nonetheless, the city’s economic activity is centred on manufacturing, since the city is home to many auto-making plants.

The west part of the city contains extremely well-preserved Victorian streetscapes, the most prominent of which being Vansittart Avenue, named for Admiral Henry Vansittart, one of the city’s original immigrants. Woodstock features a big community centre with a rink that can seat 2,500 people for hockey games. The centre also features a huge banquet hall and atrium, which are used for numerous community social occasions.

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Downtown Woodstock extends from Vansittart Avenue to Huron Roadway on the city’s main street, Dundas Street. It is home to the city’s banks, government offices, independent merchants, and a number of eateries. The majority of the structures are over a century old. Downtown advertises itself as a destination to shop, work, play, and dine through its Business Improvement Area members.

Despite a few voids in the city centre, the downtown is filled with stunning historic structures and numerous interesting shopping establishments. The city completed a major renovation of the main street in the 1990s, including numerous gardens and cobblestone walkways. Every summer, the city’s main street is closed down for “Summer Streetfest” events, which include a combination of retail sales and varied entertainment.

Woodstock features a number of parks and gardens. Southside Park is the most prominent, including a playground, baseball diamonds, public restrooms, soccer fields, gardens, and a new Skatepark. There is also a huge pond and several walking routes. The Woodstock Rangers OBA Junior baseball club plays at Tip O’Neill Field in Southside Park. Houses for sale Woodstock is a great start of search for finding your next dream home.

Roth Park and the Gordon Pittock Conservation Area are located in the city’s North End and span along the banks of the Gordon Pittock Reservoir, an artificial lake formed by the construction of the Pittock Dam. There is a playground at this park, as well as numerous kilometres of walking, jogging, and bike routes.

Traveling on 401 towards Windsor, Ontario – make sure to look on your right and you will find the Toyota plant.  Toyota announced plans in June 2005 to construct a new $1.1 billion CAD vehicle assembly facility in Woodstock on a 1,000-acre (4 km2) undeveloped property in the city’s northeast end.  In 2006 Hino Motors announced that the Japanese truck manufacturer would work toward building its vehicles in Wood, Ontario.

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