How And Why Home Movers Have Changed Their Criteria During The Pandemic?

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The recent pandemic (Covid-19) has made nearly everyone in the world reconsider their plans, aspirations, and even perception. Up till now, it has been more than a year since the Canadian government issued the first lock-down. As a result, it has greatly influenced the potential house-movers who were interested in luxury homes for sale in Ontario, or in other provinces of Canada.

The house movers are now compelled to consider the factors that hardly crossed their minds, prior to the pandemic. For instance “work from home” is something that one could not anticipate in their wildest dreams. Similarly, hardly anyone had pictured themselves not leaving their home at all.

With that being said, this blog aims to go into detail about some of the things that home movers should consider.

Homebuyers and renters are wanting to escape to the countryside

Not very long ago, the people in Canada and all over the world were preferring apartments and homes that are located close to their working place or within commuting distance. However, following the corona-crises, it has been reported that city dwellers are escaping to the countryside!

It is hard to believe, right?

However, it is true that people are now tempted to give up their urban lifestyles and are now moving away from the tense hustle-bustle of the city. The reasons why villages have started to lure so many people are the expensive houses and the lack of a community-driven atmosphere in the cities.

Larger homes or properties with much space to work and live are now the gold standard. Furthermore, buyers and renters are also quite attracted to small-scale schools for their children, due to a healthier atmosphere.

Despite the fewer amenities and fewer places to socialize, people are preferring to move to villages. In addition to healthier air and fewer criminal activities, the chief reasons behind this move are to be closer to their family and relish a calmer lifestyle.

A detached home has become a dream

The very notion of staying at home during the pandemic has greatly affected the buyers and the renters alike. Now people reassess their living spaces inside out.

Having access to one’s personal outdoor space has become the most important factor for a lot of people. That is why the number of people looking for properties with attached gardens has hit the new record. People are also looking for spaces with extra room for dedicated office space.

Since it is quite a chore to balance one’s laptop to the end of one’s bed, home offices have become a permanent addition in a lot of houses. As a result, people are either converting a bedroom into an office or their garage, store, and even garden.

Home movers have started to trade for more space

Only a couple of years back, a two-bedroom flat was believed to be the most sought-after property. However, now renters and homeowners are ideally looking for a property that prioritizes space. Consequently, semi-detached houses and houses with gardens, office space, and garages are the popular choices.

Luckily, for renters, the cost of renting has dramatically dropped, because working from home has increased the flexibility for renters and now they can easily choose whatever place they prefer to live without worrying about the commute to their workplace. Evidently, five-bedroom detached homes are witnessing the highest growth in sales and two-bedroom homes are being considered most sought-after for renting.

We hope you find this blog useful, as it has shed some light regarding the elements potential buyers and renters consider before getting a place.

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