How much is my home worth?

How much is my home worth

Knowing “how much is my home worth” is critical, especially if you want to sell it. When putting it on the market, you should be able to make an educated judgement about the pricing. A property valuation will not only provide you with an exact value of the property, but it will also allow you to sell our house at the greatest price possible if you are interested. Some motivations behind knowing the worth of your home include determining what you can pay for a new home and having a clear understanding of what your affordability is  – the price you sell your home is a major driving factor. 

Home equity lines of credit, annual property taxes, insurance premiums, and refinances are all based on home value, so knowing what your house is worth will give you more influence over these procedures. The question is, “How do I know how much my home is worth?” To find the correct price of your home and its market potential contact us to get a Free Property Estimate.

Online Home Valuation – How much is my home worth

This is the simplest and quickest method of estimating the worth of your house. You just google ‘how much is my home worth?’ Then several of these online resources will appear to assist you in answering those questions.  But it is important that you are careful with online resources – make sure the agent is experience and knowledgeable local realtor and not some agency. Professional realtors have access to public documents such as property transfer, tax assessments, and titles of ownership with mathematical formula based on local statistics to estimate the true worth of your home based on previous sales and listings in that region. 

At RE/MAX we use the latest means to finding “how much is my home worth” and providing the best means to getting the top dollar for your home.  REMAX is a world recognized brand with some of the best real estate experts.  Get the right advice and help from the right people! “How much is my home Worth” is an important question for many home owners and we can help!

Seek the services of a professional appraiser

Hiring a professional appraiser to assess the value of your home is another simple approach to determine “how much is my home worth”. Most lenders will need you to do a house evaluation before they would lend you money. This is the most frequent method utilized by many homeowners since it is the quickest and most effective when compared to the other methods. 

Appraisers consider the market, which includes the area or city in where the property is located, as well as comparable properties such as depreciation, sales, cost, vacancies, listings, and other characteristics for similar houses in the same market. The property, or the features of the home, including improvements and the ground on which it stands. All of this documentation helps in the formation of a value for the house, which is provided in an official report.

Comparative Market Analysis – How much is my home worth

A comparative market analysis is a real estate method used to determine the worth of a given property by comparing it to a similar one that has previously sold. You may hire a real estate agent to do a comparative market study for you, but you can also do it yourself by following the steps outlined below.

  • Evaluation of the immediate neighbourhood and of similar properties. Check the surroundings for social amenities such as schools, malls, and attractive features. These features do not necessarily add value to the home but the help in determining the desirability of the area.
  • During the on site CMA – we would gather all information and document – looking at upgrades, finishing, age factors, curb appeal and providing suggestions along the way
  • Once the formal walkthrough is done – we will sit and discuss the market conditions, competition, and how your home compares to other homes in the market and what to expect for your property.
  • As a experience REMAX real estate agent – I also like to look at your home by assessing through home valuation by comparing the tax assessment and appreciation rates.

We have to agree that knowing the value of your house is of immense importance, and nowadays there are several ways to find that out.  As realtors our job is to interrupt the market – the sale of the property happens between a willing buyer and the seller. Call us today and lets us help you in determining “how much is my home worth.

How much is my home worth

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