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There's no denying that pre-construction houses on the MLS London have a particular allure for purchasers. Because you're effectively purchasing a promise, pre-construction homes are often less expensive than resale or ready-built homes. You make your deposits (as specified in your purchase agreement), and the builder promises to deliver a home in a few years. Aside from the cost, another advantage of purchasing new is that no one else has ever lived in the house before you. Because the house hasn't been completed yet, you'll have the chance to personalise it to your liking. When buying a property, though, you must ask yourself if all of these features are perhaps a bit too good to be true. If you've been contemplating MLS London pre-construction, here are the elements to help you determine if it's right for you.

What is a MLS London Pre-construction Home?

A pre-construction home is one that you purchase before it is built. You can choose from a variety of residences, including:

  • High-rise condos
  • Low-rise condos
  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Townhouses

In a condo building, you'll be purchasing a house based on plans or a 3D computer simulation that allows you to take a virtual tour. In the case of residences, you'll likely be able to see a model home on the future development's lot. Although model houses are sometimes decorated in a very aspirational manner, this is a great method to obtain a more realistic idea of what you'll be buying.

The Benefits of Pre-construction Homes

So, what’s the big attraction of mls London pre-construction home? There are quite a few benefits, including:


The warranty programmes in Canada provide protection for new build houses, including covering for things like delays in occupancy and closing, deposit protection, and the cost of repairs if there are concerns with the building of your home after you move in.


While your home is being built, it is almost guaranteed to rise in value.

No Bidding Wars

Bidding wars might drive up the price of a property depending on where you're looking. Buyers are frantic when inventory is low, and the more appealing the property and neighbourhood, the more likely you are to pay an inflated price for a resale home. You're looking at a predetermined fee when it comes to pre-construction. You'll know precisely how much you'll have to pay up front, which is often fair market value.


You have the option of customising your house with a variety of modifications. You may make structural modifications, such as changing some floor plan options, in addition to cosmetic upgrades such as kitchen worktops and flooring. Because you make all of your adjustments during the construction phase, they are significantly less expensive than a reno or update after you move in. You have the ability to make wise decisions that will raise the resale value of your house.

Lower Condo Fees

Condo fees are lower in new constructions than in resale condominiums when purchasing pre-construction units. This is due to the fact that everything is new, and the management has yet to determine how much it costs to run the building or property.

Flexible Deposits and Down Payments

Although a deposit or down payment for pre-construction is often higher, the payment is staggered. Because just a small portion is paid up front and the rest is paid on a timetable leading up to the final closing, you have time to save.

Better Choices

When opposed to resale condominiums, you'll have more options when buying mls London pre-construction condos, such as the unit's floor and location.

10-Day Cooling Off Period

You'll have ten days to "cool off" and think about your decision. You can arrange for funding and have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer during this period. You may get your complete money back and walk away if you change your mind or find something in the agreement that you don't like.

The Downside to MLS London Pre-construction Homes

You have to accept the good with the bad in everything. The following are some of the disadvantages of pre-construction:


Always approach pre-construction with a sense of pessimism. Delays, on the other hand, might take years rather than weeks or months. Low-rise pre-construction residences, on average, have less delays than high-rise condos. Investigating developers will assist you in locating a reputable firm with an excellent track record of client satisfaction.

Increased Condo Fees

Although you'll experience cheaper condo prices when you first move in, you should expect a 10% to 20% spike within two years. This is because the cost of running the condo is realised after two years, and increases are constantly necessary. If you don't factor this into your monthly budget when deciding whether or not you can afford your new condo, you could find yourself struggling to make ends meet.

Higher Deposits

While you may stagger your deposit payments, you'll end up spending anywhere from 10% to 20% more than if you signed a resale agreement, which just requires a 5% deposit. In most situations, a 5% down payment is required up front, followed by payments spread out over four, nine, or 18 months, depending on the developer or construction timetable.

Mortgage Challenges

You'll likely buy a resale house before your locked-in rate expires when you buy a resale home. However, if the house completion date is delayed and your locked-in expiration date passes, this might be a problem for pre-construction homes.

Occupancy Fees

Before you may legally acquire a mls London pre-construction apartment, you must first complete a registration process. While you are free to move into your condo during this time, you will be charged a monthly "occupancy fee" that will not be applied to your mortgage. This monthly amount will include your condo fees, a component of your property taxes, and the interest portion of the balance owed on the purchase price.

Other MLS London Pre-construction Costs

Additional expenses, such as GST/HST, apply to your pre-construction house. If the home is your principal residence, depending on your province, you may be eligible for a reimbursement. If you plan to rent out your apartment, you'll have to pay certain taxes that you won't enjoy. Living in your property for a period before renting it out is a fantastic strategy to avoid these taxes.

There are other closing costs that you don't have when buying a resale house, such as utility metre installation fees, fees to track your deposit payments, fees to utilise the electronic land registration system, and so on.

These extra charges might add up to 3% to the total cost of your order. Working with a real estate agent and a lawyer will help you get a better idea of how much additional money you'll have to spend on your mls London pre-construction house. A real estate agent can also assist you in evaluating a number of resale and pre-construction choices to ensure that you discover your ideal property.

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