MLS St Thomas Ontario: Why to Live in St Thomas

MLS St Thomas Ontario

MLS St Thomas Ontario – Introduction:

St Thomas is located in the Greater London Metropolitan Area making MLS St Thomas Ontario a hot search item. In St Thomas, about two-thirds of the city’s properties are owned by homeowners, while the rest is occupied by renters. Many dwellings in this city are single detached homes.

The remaining housing stock is made up of small apartments and townhouses. The city has not experienced a single family boom in construction – expect a lot of new construction projects during your MLS St Thomas Ontario search. The construction of new homes was spread over many decades but recent development is at different level. There are many sizes of units in this city, from lofts to more than four bedrooms.

Driving in St. Thomas is a great option for transportation. It is easy to find parking spots as many properties are located close to the highway. Because it is not easy for pedestrians to navigate this area, they will have difficulty running regular errands by walking. Like any major Urban city, MLS St Thomas Ontario residents depend on local transportation.

From any St Thomas location, it is only a short walk to get to primary schools. High schools, however, are a smaller number and can therefore be difficult to reach. There are two options for elementary school: public or private. Some homebuyers in the city can access one of 10 grocery stores by walking. 

For those who are interested in nearby cafes and restaurants, driving is an excellent option. MLS St Thomas Ontario – there are many properties available for sale that are located close to the nearest highway.

MLS St Thomas Ontario Homes for Sale:

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Why You Should Live in St Thomas:

Following are the certain features which make you realize to live there:

  • As many new industries and companies have moved to Elgin County, the city continues its growth and evolution.
  • St Thomas also has easy access to many major transportation routes in the area, including the 401.
  • ​St Thomas has a wealth of cultural opportunities for residents, including museums, art galleries, and live theater.
  • St Thomas is home to many outdoor and indoor recreational opportunities. Pinafore Park, Waterworks Park and the TransCanada Hiking trail are just a few of the outdoor facilities that are open all year.
  • Many wonderful schools are located in the greater St Thomas/Elgin County area.
  • The 38-ton monument with Jumbo the Elephant is one of the most prominent landmarks in St Thomas.

Light The Night is also very popular in winter. Pinafore Park hosts a month-long celebration of light and joy that includes thousands of holiday lights. The event concludes with a New Year’s Celebration, firework display, and a large New Year’s Celebration.

Although it is impossible to give a comprehensive overview of life in St. Thomas, this guide can be a great starting point. There is certainly no shortage of unique experiences to have in St. Thomas as the city has a wonderful mixture of attractions, events, natural areas, and entertainment options.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is St Thomas a good place to live – MLS St Thomas Ontario?

St. Thomas is a top 5 performer when it comes to working remotely during the pandemic. MacLean’s Magazine just published its Top 25 Communities to Live and Work Remotely in 2021. St. Thomas ranked Number 3. Even better, Belleville was beaten by the city to become the most remote-friendly center in Ontario. These rankings are new for the first time. St. Thomas was the most praised for its internet quality, accessibility to healthcare, and amenities such as a large selection of bars and restaurants. Halifax was ranked first, followed by Fredricton (N.B.). Second place was achieved by Fredricton, N.B.

How did St Thomas Ontario get its name?

Since its founding in 1810, the city has seen a lot of progress. The city is named after Thomas Talbot who was instrumental in the development of the region in the early 19th-century. It was established as the seat of Elgin County in 1844.

What is St Thomas Ontario known for?

St. Thomas, located in Southern Ontario, just north of Lake Erie is a lively city with just over 40,000 inhabitants. St. Thomas, also known as Canada’s “Railway Capital” was established in 1881. It was the site of many important railways in late 19th century and early 20th century Canada.

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