New Construction or Houses For sale London?

houses for sale london

If you’re thinking about buying a new houses for sale London, you may be considering purchasing in a new development.  A real estate agent can be the perfect median between you and the builder when it comes to negotiating and presenting your needs.

How does that compare to purchasing a resale houses for sale London Ontario?

Purchasing a freshly constructed house offers certain benefits. Depending on the development, you may have more freedom in terms of the type of your home and the lot you select. Furthermore, when the house is completed, you will be moving into a whole new environment! You can control the layout in terms of your needs and wants.  

Being in full control allows you to spend in upgrades in the right area. A new construction project can take time – if you are not in a rush or trying to save little more for down payment this option can certainly help.

However, you may be compelled to make a selection solely based on marketing brochures and floor plans. Sometimes there are model homes – this allows you to see the workmanship of the builder and their contractors. This can at times be misleading as the model home usually has all the upgrades, staged, and presented in a way to get you excited. 

There may also be unforeseeable building delays, which will be inconvenient if you have already sold your present home and at times there is not much that can be done.

Buying a resale house, on the other hand, may have drawbacks. For example, the house may require repairs, such as a new roof. What you see is essentially what you get. That also applies to the floor plan. Unless you decide on major renovation project but that again is time and money. Sometimes this can work in your favour if your are a handyman and you got the home in a reasonable price.

A significant advantage of buying a resale houses for sale London, Ontairo is that you’ll be moving into a neighbourhood that’s already there for you to see and explore. Unlike in a new development, you can get a good sense of what it will be like to live there. 

Established neghibourhoods have matured tree lots, they have neighbours that have lived there for a while and know each other – this makes welcoming easy.  People already are settled in and know the best restaurants, schools, and best trails – it makes figuring all this out little less of a challenge and a friendly houses for sale London search.

Search our MLS system today for new and resale houses for sale London, Ontario.

Consider these tips to buying a houses for sale London Ontario:

  • Be precise about the type of home you wish to buy. Consider the house type (for example, “two storey, detached”), the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any distinctive amenities, and so on.
  • Determine which places you’d want to reside in. This will save you from making excursions to look at ads in regions that aren’t a suitable fit for you.
  • Arrange for funding. When you have a pre-arranged mortgage, you will be able to look for a new house with more confidence. It will also strengthen your offers.
  • Make home viewings a priority by scheduling them. Examine photos and virtual tours to help you limit down the number of properties you need to see. Try to set aside time on the weekend, and ideally one or two evenings each week, to explore properties without being distracted by other obligations.
  • Gather all of the necessary information before seeing a home. Make a note of it. Pose inquiries. Investigate the house, yard, and neighbourhood thoroughly. Get enough information to make a judgement without having to visit the house again.

At REMAX we hope these tips help you in decide the right houses for sale London Ontario and professionals are always ready to help assist and guide you.

houses for sale london

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