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Buying Condos for sale London: Townhome or Rowhouse

November 29, 2021

With home prices sky rocketing people are reaching deep into their pockets to make magic happen and while others opt out to considering condos for sale London in this real estate market. With the demand for high rise condos, and townhomes or rowhouses becoming more prominent it is important to discuss the pros and cons […]

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Buying Home For First Time?

November 25, 2021

Buying a home for the first time is one of the crucial points in anyone’s life. If they are getting their desired home then the feeling will be doubled. However, buying your home for the first time isn’t always a smooth walk. The procedure of buying a new home involves too many considerations. If you […]

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Why a Realtor

November 23, 2021

Your Realtor knowing the local property market and pricing your home appropriately is critical when selling your in Ontario home. Pricing your house is a highly personal decision, and we can assist you in determining market trends and matching your home to comparable properties. We can also help you make the proper decisions when it […]

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Condos For Sale Ontario

Selling Condos: If you are thinking of selling a condo – give me a call at 519-860-7626 or email me at info@realtown.ca to further discuss your interests. Condo demand in major Ontario cities have gone up considerably in the last couple years.  Buyers are regularly searching Condos for sale Ontario. What once used to be an alternative for the […]

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What Is My House Worth

SELL FOR THE MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY & IN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME NOW My Commitment To You: Expertly market your home through channels like social media, websites, and multiple listing services. Conduct a comparative market analysis to demonstrate what other homes in your area have been sold for in the recent months. Secure […]

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Home Buyer Guide

Buy With Confidence My Commitment To You: Educate you about the current housing market conditions and Houses for Sale Discuss and analyze best alternatives that best fit your budget and criteria Resolve any challenges that may arise when purchasing a new home. Provide the highest quality of service so that you feel comfortable and confident […]

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The Right Real Estate Agent

The Right Real Estate Agent Choosing the proper Real Estate Agent for you maybe the difference maker. It may be the difference between having a pleasant and exciting hassle-free experience and having a dreadful one.  Your house will most likely be the most significant financial investment you will ever make. It might also be your smartest […]

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MLS Ontario – Investing In Ontario Real Estate NOW

November 22, 2021

COVID-19 has had an impact across the province, the country, and the world, as many of us had paused our usual business activities in Ontario real estate and MLS Ontario searches. Remembering that this is a transitory situation is just as essential as keeping yourself and your loved ones safe during this extraordinary crisis. Life […]

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Stroud – SOLD

November 19, 2021

Beautiful Condo on Stroud Crescent SOLD.  Great opportunity for the buyers and an amazing location in White Oaks!

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Mistakes by the First Time Home Buyers That Should Be Avoided

November 18, 2021

When you are about to buy a home for the first time then you will feel like a roller coaster of emotions as you will be feeling excited but at the same time will be nervous about the whole procedure as well. But on top of that, a feeling of being an achiever as you […]

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