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A contract with a Realtor London Ontario might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It may be a long and painful process if you haven’t completed your homework. By homework, I mean reading up on topics like what services a Realtor should provide and what questions you should ask while interviewing a local Realtor, among other useful information available on our site.

Let us assume you met and interviewed multiple candidates before deciding on a realtor in London, Ontario. How do you know whether you made the proper choice? Whether you’re still doing your homework or just want to be sure, here are eight indicators that you made the correct decision. It is important to dig deep inside and do your homework right the first time

How to Know that You’ve Picked the Right Realtor London Ontario


If you have not already done so, any reputable real estate agent will tell you that the first step is to speak with a mortgage specialist to be pre-approved. More importantly, they will explain why it is necessary and direct you to the right people in the business. Seller markets can be difficult – being prepared is easy!


There are several methods to save thousands of dollars when purchasing a property. If your Realtor London Ontario is providing you money-saving advice on matters related home insurance, taxes, and mortgage payments, you have found a winner. This realtor London Ontario cares about your success in the real estate market


If the local realtor is responsive and available when you need them, you have made the right choice. Buying or selling a home is likely to be the largest financial transaction you will ever make, so it is unsettling when the person you hired to assist you leaves you hanging. Lack of communication is one of the most common complaints from people who have had bad real estate experiences.

Ask what kind of support and infrastructure they have in place to support them and you before you sign on the dotted line. If you are selling a home, a good realtor London Ontario will be proactive in providing you with updates and feedback, and you should be aware of when and from whom those updates are coming. If you are buying a house, they should be on the lookout for the ideal property for you, sending you listings on a regular basis rather than waiting for you to send them listings.


Buying and selling a property is not a breeze. You require someone who is persistent and never gives up. When a problem arises, you will need a natural problem-solver who can come up with a creative solution. You want someone on your side, someone who will fight for you.


By just giving you what you want to hear, your Realtor London Ontario is not doing you any favours. This begins with your initial interviews with local Realtors, as many of them will attempt to land your listing by excessively overpricing it, which makes your property appear less appealing in contrast to similar properties on the market. You both want the same thing, but your local realtor has the advantage of being more objective, so their opinion is priceless.


If there is one thing we have learned in the previous decade of assisting individuals with their house buying and selling endeavours, it is that you are establishing a long-term connection. Selecting a short-sighted local Realtor London Ontario who is simply focused on the sale or buy will be of no value to you. You want a realtor who will treat you as though you will be a customer for life – who will call you after the transaction is completed to see if you have any questions, offer a list of trustworthy suppliers you might require, and express their gratitude for allowing them to be a part of your journey.


It is a partnership, not a date, and it certainly helps if you enjoy being around the Realtor London Ontario you have selected. You will be spending a lot of time speaking with the realtor you have chosen, whether on the phone, in person, or through texts and emails, so you should like being around them. You do not have to go golfing together, but it is a terrible indicator if you roll your eyes and ignore the call when your Realtor’s name appears on your call display.

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