Single Family Homes Are Costly?

When it is time to find your first house in Canada then you will visit MLS London to find out the right single-family home for you. We all love a cozy home where we can settle down with our family and have some great memories but a single-family home comes with a mortgage rate, maintenance cost, and several other expenditures as well which is the major reason why people don’t often look for houses for sale. However, if you think you cannot afford to have a single-family home then don’t worry, it isn’t compulsory to only buy a “Single Home” as your new home because there are several great alternatives for houses available in the MLS listing. And if you already know that you shouldn’t buy a single-family home then continue reading the following for an alternative guide to single-family homes.

Condos or Condominium

One of the major alternatives of buying a single-family home is none other than is condos. The price is much cheaper and the overall cost, in the end, is way more affordable compare to single-family homes. Unlike them, the condos aren’t n the pricy side and they look just like rental apartments but a little fancier. Also, they are the perfect choice for those who live in an area where single-family homes are pricier. They usually come in multistory buildings that may look like a townhouse but it isn’t and more like a breed of both apartment and townhouse.

However, when you are looking for condos for sale London Ontario, then you will have to keep in mind that the owner is much different than the single-family home as when you buy a condo, owning a condo means that you will just own a unit and what’s inside the wall. However, what is outside the units such as pools, gyms, and parks are all shared spaces. The ownership of condos is controlled and managed by the homeowners association. You will have to pay monthly HOA charges or fees which will include the landscaping and other up-keeping charges.

Multifamily Homes Options

As the name suggests a house where two or more families are going to live but doesn’t it make a condo unit! No, in multifamily homes, there are utilities and units such as storage space, attics, and garage that are shared or divided. Multifamily houses for sale in St Thomas Ontario are usually duplexes where two units are side by side and they usually have one owner. On the other hand, there can be a large older house that will be split into two houses working as the multifamily house. If you ever found homes for sale in Woodstock Ontario but there is an identical house beside it then this would multifamily home that has its own entry and even has its own address. These are the kind of houses that share plots and walls in the land, but each of them is an individual lot. Each unit may have sole ownership which is why they will be up for sale rent in MLS listing either as an individual property or as the entire property.


By nature and style, they are close synonyms to the condos but with some level of difference. Unlike condos, you aren’t just the owner of walls and what’s inside but you will also be the owner of the land on your side and you will also be responsible for maintaining it as well even if the walls are connected but you will be responsible for the land on your side.

Mobile and Manufactured Homes

If you are constantly looking at MLS Strathroy then you have more likely been introduced to mobile or manufactured homes. If you are wondering what is the difference between them then it is their age. Department of Housing and Urban Development established the guidelines for the construction of these homes. The term mobile home is associated with the moveable homes that were manufactured before the HUD’s 1976 guidelines and the moveable houses that were manufactured after the establishment of the HUD code. Manufactured homes should fulfill the requirement of the code and they should have a tag that should prove to it. Either it is a mobile or manufactured home; they are built on solid foundations and permanent chassis and can be pulled upon requirements. There are many types of homes such as prefab houses and shipping container homes that are manufactured as they are built on chassis but HUD doesn’t consider them manufactured homes and neither the landlords.


When you buy co-operative homes for sale in Woodstock Ontario, then you own a building or shareholder of development instead of owning an individual unit. The value of the stock you own in the co-op and what it worth is usually depends on how the co-op finance is structured and the individual unit you own. Not all types of co-ops are apartment buildings and condominium complexes as there can be any type of living building such as single-family homes. Co-op is more like homeownership rather than owning a home.

What Suits You Most?

You have the idea of an alternative now you must be wondering that what type of home you will need to buy instead of the single-family home. So for a simple idea, you should consider your budget and find a perfect balance between your expenses and income and assess your requirements? You can search for condos for sale near me to find a suitable living space if you are short on budget and don’t want to pay a high mortgage. A modular home is a good idea if you have planned to move shortly to a new city or state. Whatever type of home you consider at the end, you will need to understand that they all require a certain level of financial stability, financial planning along mortgage pre-approving so it will be fun to start shopping for your new or next dream house.

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