Steps To Sell Your Home

Selling your home

You want the process of selling your property to be as easy and stress-free as possible. While events beyond your control may occur, there is plenty you can do to create a positive selling experience.

Sell your home today – selling can be easy and straight forward with an experienced real estate agent.  Contact me today to get a Free Home Valuation – it is good to be always prepaid ahead of time when thinking to sell your home.

Sell your home Steps to Decrease Stress

Listing Contract:

Have a clear understanding of the listing contract – you should have full knowledge of the commitment your London realtor is providing you.  Sit with your local realtor and clearly review all elements within the Seller Representation Agreement.  If there are special requests you have in terms of timelines, selling process this is a great time to address the questions.  Once in a contract sit back and let your realtor handle all the hard work.

Listing of your home:

Learn what to expect when the “for sale” sign appears on the front lawn. When will the showings take place? Will there be a need for an open house? What happens when an offer is made? The more you learn, the less mysterious – and hence less stressful – the experience will be.  You should have an understanding of these questions prior to the given the home going live on the MLS system.

Listing Price:

Have a clear understanding of what value potential your home has.  Know ahead of time the market demand and how things are selling.  Be prepared to negotiation, deal with a bully offer, or work with multiple offers.  When wanting to sell your home Knowledge is key to success!

Showing Schedule:

Schedule viewings and other selling-related activities on a calendar. Make sure to leave plenty of time before a showing or Open House to clean and tidy your property. During the sales season, try not to have a tight schedule.  It is recommended to leave 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment and arrive 10-15 minutes after – this provides the potential buyers plenty of time to view the home without interfering with their buying process. It is also best o sit a showing schedule for each day – with this information agents can make sure you are not bothered when busy.

Anticipate Potential Issues:

The more problems you can foresee, the better you’ll be prepared to deal with them as they arise. For example, if you know you’re going to have a busy week at work, start making plans now to deal with viewings and related matters during those days. Try to plan – spend time with family, family friends if you have to catch up on work.  Try to limit cooking at home – let to food afterhours or order food.  This should help lesson the burden in also being “ready to show” your property.  Like in the current market, if the showing schedule is busy look to renting a motel for the weekend.

Making a Decision:

In the real estate market, things may move rapidly. There may be a few days when there are no inquiries at all, and then multiple bids that arrive at the same time. Be ready to make rapid judgments. Making such selections, fortunately, will be much simpler with solid assistance from me as your real estate agent.

The best way to be prepared is to identify all the possible situations and having solutions for these situations.  Planning ahead helps having a hassle-free experience.  When you have decided to sell your home,, listed the property make sure you are regularly interacting with your local realtor.  Be on top of everything – this is your investment!

Selling your home

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