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Different Types Of Properties In Canada

Many buyers have shown interest in buying a home in Canada, with a significant increase in the number of buyers compared to last year. Currently, a large number of people are visiting realtors to purchase real estate and residential properties.You'll be happy to know that there are several choices available in Canada. From flats to bungalows, every other house is different from each other in terms of...

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10 Things To Consider Before Renewing Your Mortgage

You wake up one morning and check your phone to find an email and a phone call from a mortgage lender reminding you that the renewal time for a mortgage you took for real estate investment is approaching. You might only sign those papers if you chose to, but there you made a mistake. Before renewing your mortgage, there are some terms and conditions that you must read and consider carefully. Here is a...

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Canadian Real Estate: Is Your Home Making More Than You Do?

What is the current state of the Canadian real estate market? It's rising exponentially to the point that the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) predicts that the home market will see new highs this year. More than 700,000 properties will come up for sale in 2021, up from 551,262 last year, according to the organization. This year, the national average home price will rise by 16.5 percent annually to...

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10 Quick Tips Selling Your Home and Free Home Evaluation

10 VERY Important Tips To Help You Excel Above Others When Selling Your Home.  See the results and capatilize on your home worth especially when looking for a Free Home Evaluation or “How much is my House Worth”  Pricing is Right: A lot of people plunge into the market and list their home on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without doing proper comparative market analysis.  It is extremely...

September Market Update

September Market Update TAGS: SEPTEMBER, MARKET UPDATE, APPRECIATION, HOME PRICES According to latest market report published by London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors - September achieved a reocrd for residential sales.  960 homes were sold in September, which is a 25% increase from last year marking the highest figure since 1978 The following table shows last month's average home prices...

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