Why do we Need a Property Survey?

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Purchasing a property is traditionally the safest purchase we make in our lives. The procedure can be intimidating and difficult to comprehend. You may become consumed by the obstacles that must be conquered before moving into your new home. When it comes to London, Ontario, before everything else, make sure your surveyor is certified and thoroughly from London real estate listings.

The terminology used by realtors London or solicitors to explain the home buying process may be perplexing, and we can feel as though we are being dragged from pillar to post with no guidance or assistance.

Why take a property survey?

There are various forms of surveys available, each with its own set of features and costs. If you’ve chosen which survey you need, get a quote, learn what’s being surveyed, and factor it into your budget. Check the terms and conditions of the surveyors carefully, go through MLS listings in London, Ontario and if you have any particular questions, mention them when you are dissatisfied and ask your trusted realtor.

Lenders Valuation

If you want to finance the transaction, the lender will conduct an appraisal to determine if the property will have sufficient protection for the loan sum you intend to borrow. Many buyers do not undertake an independent survey due to the cost involved in choosing to rely on a valuation undertaken by their new lender. The valuation is for the benefit of the lender and therefore, the report may not be shared with you and will not provide detailed information concerning the structure or works required at the property.

Condition Report

A conditional report represents the state of the house, including any dangers, possible legal issues, and any critical flaws associated with the properties or properties in good condition. Standard properties and residences in excellent shape that are relatively recent, however, lenders’ valuation will not provide a full structural report.

Home Buyer’s Valuation and Survey Report

This report includes all the features of a Condition Report, plus defects that might affect the property, and advice on repairs and maintenance. It can also add market valuation and how critical it would cost to rebuild the property. Standard properties in reasonable condition are also highlighted.

Full Structural Survey

While a Complete Structural Survey is more costly than other surveys, it is better to commission one if you have questions about the land. It’s critical to know exactly what you’re purchasing and whether any further work is needed as part of your order.
When determining whether a complete structural survey is needed, consider the following factors:

  • High-value purchase price
  • The mortgage is low compared to the purchase price, a lender’s valuation will, therefore, probably return favourable as the mortgage loan would be easily recoverable.
  • The property is over 100 years old, which could mean the need for a complete survey due to the property’s age and the possibility of further maintenance to correct any deficiencies.
  • If you want to make changes to the property, after it is finished, a complete survey is recommended so you can recognize any design problems or shortcomings you might encounter.
  • Finally, consider the location of the property, a full survey may be preferable if the property is located in a mining area or close to rivers, which could cause subsidence.

How to Instruct a Surveyor?

It is important not to rush into things. Speak to your realtor in London, Ontario and Conveyancer, discuss any concerns you may have with the property and seek further advice on which survey best meets your needs.

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